Frequently Asked Questions

I want to race with MotoAmerica, what is my first step?
All MotoAmerica racers must have an AMA license. 2019 license eligibility and forms will be available via the American Motorcyclist Association. Online registration information is available here We only accept entries via our online portal. If you have problems using the portal please contact

What are the fees to race?
2019 Fees and registration packages are pending

How do I enter?
Registration is completed using If you have problems using the portal please contact

Who is the “series partner”?
We are reserving that space on your leathers and crew shirts for a series partner, please leave that space empty or available for future announcements.

Who is an entrant?
An entrant is the person responsible for the entry and/or team. An entrant may or may not be the rider. An entrant is responsible for completing all paperwork, requesting credentials, payment of entry, and ensuring the team, crew, and guests comply with all rules and regulations. An entrant must be over the age of 18.

Do riders need credentials?

The rider’s current AMA MotoAmerica competition license is also his or her credential. There is no need to purchase additional credentials for riders.
Where do I find the rules?
All rules and bulletins are available by clicking here

Who do I ask if I have a rules question

Does MotoAmerica have transponders for rent at the track?
No, each individual rider must provide their own transponder. If the transponder number changes at any time during the season, then you must notify the tech department or your times may not be recorded. The transponder must be compatible with MyLaps, and their transponders are available at

How do I sign up for the mailing list?
Click here to receive updates on schedules, supplemental regulations, bulletins, and major changes
Who do I talk to about press releases or information changes on the website?
For all media related questions you can contact our Communications Manager, Paul Carruthers at

How do I receive communication at the race track about the schedule, track condition, riders and motorcycles status information?
It is mandatory that each team has a radio or scanner, and it must be inspected at tech prior to the first on-track activity. MotoAmerica uses the radios to relay all race control and other communications during all practice, qualifying, and race times. Radios may be purchased by Tony Cornacchia who can be reached at or (770) 897-0051.

Where do I purchase race fuel?
Fuel will be available at all tracks. Location information will be located in the supplemental regulations and the facility map prior to each round.

What are the leather and crew shirt requirements?
Leathers must display the MotoAmerica, Dunlop, and series partner logos. If a series partner has not been designated prior to the season, then you may leave the space designated for that logo empty in the event that a sponsor is announced mid-season. Crew shirts are to be worn at all times by all crew members and must have a collar. MotoAmerica, Dunlop, and series partner logos are required. Placement of these logos can be viewed on the diagrams in the competitor information page.